Why choose an IUD or implant?


Why choose an IUD or implant?

Implants and IUDs are hassle-free, highly effective and reversible ways to prevent pregnancy. A health care provider can insert a LARC in one short, routine office visit. After that, there’s no maintenance until you’re ready to have it removed or time runs out—that’s 3 years for the implant and up to 12 years for the IUD. These birth control methods are safe, effective and pretty much forgettable.

Folks who have them love them!

Ready for love? People who have IUDs and implants are the most likely birth control users to say they love their birth control. That’s important! You deserve to be happy, safe and comfortable in your pursuit of baby-free sexy time. Also, almost 90% of IUD and implant users stick with their birth control, compared to only 57% of people who use other types. That means a lower risk for “oops” later, too!

Want to learn more about IUDs and implants?

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Implants and IUDs are very affordable birth control options! If you have private insurance, your IUD or implant should be covered at no cost, but double-check with your insurer to make sure they cover the exact IUD you want. If you don’t have private insurance, check our clinic finder for providers who can offer low or no-cost birth control.

I’m ready! Where can I get my IUD or implant?

They can only be inserted by a health care provider. The insertion process is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. Click here to find a Playbook-approved doctor’s office, where you can talk to an expert and decide if a LARC is the right option for you.

Forget Daily Reminders of Potential Pregnancy. Get Long-Lasting Protection!

You’re a busy young woman, with more on your mind than a daily birth control reminder. Some birth control can feel like a never-ending chore: daily pills, monthly refills, annual exams and ongoing condom negotiations. That’s a lot of hassle—and a lot of space to trip up and end up with a baby. Now there are great birth control options that can last for up to 12 years and can be removed whenever you’re ready. No hassle. No worry. No baby till you say so.

The implant, nexplanon, and IUDs (i.e., Mirena, ParaGard, Liletta and Skyla) and are called long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs). These birth control methods last up to 12 years, or until you ask to have them removed. They are the most effective form of birth control—more than 99%! What’s more, LARC users are the most likely young women to say they LOVE their birth control.