My parents keep trying to have “the Talk” with me, but it’s sooo awkward. 

It can be awkward at first, but it’s still really helpful. And as awkward as it may seem for you, it may also be a bit awkward for them, too. Hear them out, even if you just sit there and nod. Chances are they’ll have some pretty good advice, and if you’ve had something on your mind, now is the time to ask!

If your parents aren’t willing to answer your questions, consider talking to another trusted adult like your school nurse or guidance counselor.


I want to start using birth control. But I don’t want my parents to know I’m having sex.

This may be surprising, but many parents are willing to talk about sex and birth control. It may be super awkward, but try talking to them first.

If that’s impossible, or you need to get birth control on your own, there are still ways to get it. Anybody can get a confidential prescription for birth control from a health center without a parent’s permission. And you can get condoms at any grocery store or drug store no matter how old you are.

Find out where to get a prescriptioncondoms or learn more about your legal rights as a teenager.


I grew up in a house where talking about sex was off-limits. But I don’t see it that way.

Part of becoming a healthy adult is figuring out how to talk about your needs, your health and your boundaries—even when it comes to sex. Open and honest communication is the key to any healthy relationship. If you grew up in a home where sex was a taboo subject, take some time to learn about how to talk about “it” and about your birth control options.

If your parents are opposed to you having sex, try to understand why. Are they worried about your safety? Is it against their values? Are they trying to protect you?

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself what your values are and what role they’ll play in your life. They’ll probably align with your parents’ ideas in lots of ways, but may be different in others. The important thing is that if you choose to be sexually active, you protect yourself properly.

There’s also the possibility that sex isn’t really an off-limits topic. Parents can find it really awkward to talk about sex, too. If you’d like to talk to your parents about sex, here are some ways to get started.


How do I tell my parents I’m pregnant?

It is safe to say there’s no easy way to tell your parents this news. It’s also safe to say they may not be happy about it—so be prepared.

First, find out if you’re actually pregnant. Discount stores like Walmart and the dollar store sell really affordable home pregnancy tests that work just as well as the expensive ones. You can also go to a health clinic to take a pregnancy test. Oftentimes, health care providers can have good ideas about how to talk about pregnancy with your parents and can also get you the health care you need if you are pregnant.

Your parents might be angry at first, or find it hard to believe, but they might be able to help you consider what to do.