Talk about “It” with your parents.


Believe it or not, one of the best sources of knowledge about birth control can be your parents. But talking to them about sex and birth control might feel like the most awkward topic in the world. Here are a few pointers to get the conversation started.

Set the mood
Find an environment that helps you feel at ease, like your bedroom, the family room, or the dining room table. You might be more comfortable if you have your talk during one of your regular times together, like a drive together or a shopping trip.

Just say it
The longer you drag it out, the tougher it’ll be. So just say it! “Mom/Dad, I need to talk you about something.”

This may never be a fun topic to bring up, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it!

You may need to ease their panic. Try saying, “Just because I’m asking about birth control doesn’t mean I’m sexually active. I just want to be as responsible and informed as possible.”

Things to remember about your parents:

• They really do love you and want what’s best for you

• They may be just as nervous talking about sex as you are

If you feel like your parents just aren’t an option or like you need more information, then talk to a medical professional for all your questions. Remember, being informed is one of the safest, most responsible steps you can take!

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