My Partner Might Be Pregnant. What Do We Do Now?


My partner might be pregnant. What do we do now?

Unplanned pregnancy can be scary. The first step is to have your partner take a pregnancy test. You can get them at a grocery store or drug store. If it’s positive, talk to your partner about how you can be supportive. If it’s negative, talk about your birth control options. Using a really effective birth control method can help you avoid future scares.

No matter how the pregnancy test turns out, safer sex is a team effort. If it’s negative, this is a great time to look at your birth control options. You can go to a health center separately or together, and it’s a great chance for you both to get tested for STIs as well. If her pregnancy test is positive, she might experience a mix of emotions, but it can be helpful to let her know that you’re willing to support her in whatever way you can.

You can also work together to tell your parents. That’ll be a tough conversation—and they’ll probably have a lot to work through, too. But pregnancy isn’t something anyone, even adults, wants to go through alone, and parents can ultimately be a big help.