We’re Too Embarrassed to Get Birth Control.


We’re too embarrassed to get birth control.

No worries! You have lots of options.

First, know that the check-out guy at the store probably isn’t paying much attention when you buy condoms. If you really can’t stand to interact with another human when you’re buying birth control, there’s always the self-checkout line! Health clinics also offer condoms; you can also buy them online.

If you’re visiting a medical provider to get birth control, you have a lot of privacy protections. State law protects your right to see a doctor about birth control in private no matter how old you are.

Know your legal and confidentiality rights as a teenager.

Health care providers get questions about sex all the time. They know you might be embarrassed and are ready to answer your questions. Many medical providers are even specially trained to answer teens’ questions and help you feel comfortable getting the answers you need.