What is the Right Age to Start Having Sex?


What is the right age to start having sex?

The decision to have sex is a personal one and can depend on how ready you feel to accept everything that comes along with it. That everything is a lot: risks of pregnancy and/or STIs and the emotional work you need to do to protect yourself and understand the ways your relationship might change.

It’s normal to wonder whether or not you should have sex. The questions below can help you navigate your feelings.

  • Is this what you want to do?
  • Is your partner pressuring you? Do you feel like you can safely make the decision for yourself?
  • Can you communicate clearly with your partner about what you want, what you consent to and how you’ll both protect yourselves from pregnancy and STIs?
  • Have you talked to a health care provider about getting effective birth control?
  • Do you have condoms?

The right time to become sexually active is different for everyone, and it might even take time to decide what’s right for you. No matter when that time comes, it is important to be prepared and safe.

Whatever you decide—if it’s to have sex or to keep waiting—it’s still totally normal. Just remember to do what’s right for you and be safe.