Talk about “It” with your partner.

Real men respect their partners.

Listen up, guys. Birth control isn’t a girl thing.

It’s up to YOU to step up and always wear a condom when you have sex, and to know what kind of birth control your partner is on (if any). Why? Because if you don’t do your part, you run the risk of her getting pregnant or you catching an STD.

  • Ask her. It may be super awkward to bring this up with your girl, especially if you don’t know her that well. But you’ve got to do it. What’s worse—feeling awkward for a few minutes or being a dad before you’re ready?
  • Get tested together. Talk about getting tested together so that you both feel worry free before doing it.
  • Avoid pressure. Respect her sexual boundaries, as well as your own. Step away from any situation you don’t feel cool with.

Flirting with the idea of going all the way?

If your relationship is heading in a more physical direction, make sure you’re on the same page with your partner.

  • Being prepared for sex. This will let you enjoy the moment without having to worry about all the scary consequences like pregnancy and STDs. Educate yourself ahead of time about how to correctly use a condom.
  • Skip the lecture. You can have a sincere, open conversation about sex without sounding like a scary video from health class.
  • Bring The Playbook! It’s smart to discuss what birth control methods can help you prevent a pregnancy or STDs. The Playbook can help you explore your options together.
  • Get tested before you have sex. Show your commitment to being a responsible partner by getting tested for STDs if you’re already sexually active.