Part 2: Transitioning

Greetings! I’m Cal (he/they/ze/hir pronouns) and I’ll be telling you a bit about gender transition. Transitioning, in the LGBTQ+ world, refers to when a person undergoes social, physical, legal, and other changes in order to feel more comfortable in their gender.     Gender dysphoria: To start, I’ll define gender dysphoria, which is the feeling of … Continued

The History of Sex Ed

Sex education is an important topic that impacts the lives of American youth, yet it isn’t a subject that is taken as seriously as it should be by both students or faculty. It is an important topic because it plays a vital and active role in the ways youth understand our bodies, sexuality, reproductive health, … Continued

Part 1: Basic Intro to Gender Transition

Greetings! Once again, I’m Cal (he, they, ze/hir), and this time around I’m going to talk about gender terminology and pronouns. Gender vs. Sex: In case you didn’t remember, a person’s sex is the genitalia they have — this can be penis and testes, vagina and ovaries, or a combination of those. A person is … Continued

Boundaries, why we need them, and how to have them

As I moved through college and learned more about myself, and consequently began learning how to heal past and current trauma in relationships, one of the first things I discovered was that I lacked boundaries. I think what is the most interesting about this is that I realized most people lack boundaries. I also realized … Continued

Kinds of Contraception

Hi, my name is Camryn and I will be writing this week’s blog post about different kinds of contraception. I’ve listed out three examples of contraception that are possible for anyone to use on their own terms, such as the internal and external condom, spermicide, and the vaginal ring. But before we get into these … Continued

Lube, pleasure, safer sex and a DIY dental dam / condom combo!

Hello! I’m Cal (he, they, and ze/hir pronouns), age 16, of SHIFT NC’s Youth Advisory Council. Welcome to the YAC’s blog, where we will post information or resources about sexual and reproductive health. When it’s my turn to post on this blog, I will mostly talk about how different genders and bodies can enjoy safer … Continued

Welcome to the YAC Blog!

Welcome to the YAC Blog, where SHIFT NC Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members explore new topics, share their experiences, and address important sexual health issues for young people. What is the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)? The YAC is a group of young people (ages 15-21) of diverse identities and lived experiences from across North Carolina. … Continued