Welcome to the YAC Blog!

Welcome to the YAC Blog, where SHIFT NC Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members explore new topics, share their experiences, and address important sexual health issues for young people.

What is the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)?
The YAC is a group of young people (ages 15-21) of diverse identities and lived experiences from across North Carolina. YAC members are interested in health equity, sexual and reproductive health, and adolescent health, participating in meetings and workshops where we build skills and knowledge. The YAC provides valuable feedback and youth perspectives to SHIFT NC.

Our Mission:
The Youth Advisory Council strives to help educate our communities by advocating for and providing resources about sexual and reproductive health to youth. The YAC aims to increase awareness and comfort about sexual health by educating adults as well as youth. We can help communities across North Carolina provide youth with better access to resources from familiar places like schools and clinics.