Whether you’re in or out, there is nothing wrong with being authentic and telling your healthcare professional exactly what’s going on with your health. Too many teens worry about what their doctor may say if they are honest about their health and needs.


Playbook-approved clinics are judgement-free zones. Coming out is the hard part! Making an appointment at a clinic should be easy. Regardless of your identity, we are here to take care of YOU!


Getting tested regularly is vital for your health! Testing is easy and is offered at every Playbook clinic. It’s quick and easy, so what are you waiting for? Take charge of your sexual health today.

Coming Out

Never fear, your secrets are safe here! As an LGBTQ teen, it’s likely you’ve had some struggles with acceptance from family or friends. Our Playbook-approved doctors are here to give you the best care possible while protecting your privacy.

Not Just for You

Visiting a Playbook-approved clinic is not just important for you, it’s vital for your partner, too! Taking control of your sexual health is something you can do for yourself, but have you brought your partner to see us? Make sure you are both living healthy and safe lives.

Make an appointment at a Playbook-approved clinic today!